Best places to visit during Indian Winters

India is a multi-ethnic country, its distinct cultural beads are put in a single thread of unity. So is the weather here. One can get the glimpse of all seasons in this country within a year ranging from hot and arid summers to chilly winters and wet monsoons. The winters especially multiplies the beauty of the Indian land multiple times. The actual winter in India starts from October and can be enjoyed till February end. This is the time when people from all destinations of India as well as tourists from world-over throng to visit the places where you can enjoy the winters most.

The Indian crown Kashmir which indeed is a very mesmerizing place, multiplies its beauty during winters as the entire Himalayan mountain range veils the snowy white blanket over them and the flowing meadows and lakes instill tranquility in the environment. The place has abundance of Walnuts, Apples, Pears, Plums, Almonds, Nuts and Cherries. The charm of Kashmir is exhibited in places like Gulmarg, The Dal Lake, Pahalgam, Leh, Srinagar, Nubra Valley and Ladakh.

Rajasthan the land of Maharajas is one of the must visit place during winters, the forts, the palaces and sand dunes collectively contribute to enhance the vibrance of this traditionally rich landmass. The folk dance performances, the Rajasthani food and the Rajasthani handicraft markets encompasses the essence of the Indian heritage.

Shimla, the Queen of hills, gets all the way more romantic in winters. The place is ideal for couples and newlyweds as the chilly breeze lightens the mood and the ambience becomes lively. Such alluring scenic beauty is also witnessed in  the Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, which is India’s quietest hill station. It’s a great place to reestablish peace of mind and take a break from chores of bust and hectic life. While talking of hill stations how cannot forget to mention Mcleodganj and Dharamshala situated at Himachal Pradesh. The already cold environment gets boosted near these hilly terrain just like eating ice-creams soothes the taste buds in winters. I love eating ice-creams in winters and often go to India Gate at night specially during December/January, where I find many others like me, some of them driving for almost an hour to reach here.

For someone who wants to get rid of the multi layered clothing and other constraints of winters, but still want to have a great time and enjoy cool breeze, there are a number of places for them to choose from. Goa, the Pearl of the Orient, famous for its beaches, colorful carnivals and vintage churches is one of the must visit places.

While the northern and eastern states taste the budding winters the southern states witness a tropical yet cold climatic conditions. Kerala the pious land of God is a popular haunt for tourists seeking calm and peace. The backwaters, the lush green tea plantations, the waterfalls, lines of palm and coconut trees, mountains and the lovely weather makes Kerala a heavenly abode.

One must explore as many places we one can to get a new perspective of life as we the more we travel, the more we learn. Everyday we learn something new, be it from nature, locals, history of that place, culture, et al. Indian has far too many places to explore and too much to offer that even if you visit one place/city once in two months, it will take you couple of years to visit the same place again and by that time, I am sure, you would find lot more new things to enjoy.

Keep travelling, keep exploring, keep learning and keep smiling!



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