Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Expressway

With the opening of Yamuna Expressway, travelling to Agra has become much easier. Apart from saving you almost 2.5 hours in terms of time, this will also save your spine from some shocks due to bad roads of the old route. While the route is certainly helpful in saving time; safety rules and some basic precautions must be followed to make your journey enjoyable. Its not my intention to instill fear in you, but, there have been many instances of accidents, lot many resulting in death of travellers, on the Yamuna Expressway. You may find enough information on the internet about drive from Delhi to Agra via Expressway, however, there would hardly be any content to help you with safety tips to follow and the precautions to be taken during actual journey. From my own experience, I am giving below some important facts as also giving tips for a safe journey :


  • The total distance you cover on the Expressway is approx. 185 kms.
  • Total time it takes once you have hit the Expressway is 2 hours, if you travel non-stop. However, I would advise otherwise.
  • Your total travel time would be the time taken to reach Yamuna Expressway from your place of stay in Delhi as also the time to reach Taj Mahal once you are in Agra (can be anything between 40-60 minutes depending upon the traffic)
  • The speed limit, apart from a short stretch, is 100 kmph.
  • Area is prone to dense fog during Winters and you are better off travelling when the Sun is up.
  • Major causes of accidents on Yamuna e-way are either lack of visibility due to fog or tyre-burst due to over heating. Only some times, traffic read Pedestrians, bullock carts, tractors or animals suddenly coming on the road also causes mishaps.
  • At high speed, you may misjudge a stationery or slow moving vehicle and ram into it.
  • Extremely well-built and smooth road.
  • Hardly any traffic on the road.


  • You will find Highway-Patrol cars all along the way.
  • One way toll charges are INR 360 charged at the first toll booth. Keep the receipt carefully as you may need to show it at rest of the toll booths on the highway.
  • En-route ample facilities have been provided in terms of Eating joints, Clean Toilets, Medical assistance. Best part is that a small lane takes you out of the main highway to the facilities area and in the same way you come back on the Highway after a small drive out.



Important Tips for a safe journey via Yamuna Expressway

  • Most important – Get pressure in your car tyres checked before hitting the Expressway. Keep the pressure little less than recommended.
  • The tyres of your vehicle should be in very good condition. Do not travel on this road with old or worn out tyres.
  • To prevent over-heating, some vehicles also get Nirtogen gas filled-up.
  • Ensure that you have enough fuel to cover the entire journey.
  • Check oil & water level.
  • Although tempted, do not cross the prescribed speed limit. There have been many instances of tyre burst on the Highway.
  • Must take a break for about 20-30 minutes after being an hour on the Highway. This will also allow tyres to cool down.
  • If you are travelling during the month of December to February, do not start your journey very early from either side. Likewise avoid travelling after 6pm on the Highway as the fog is very dense during this period and makes it highly accident prone as not all vehicles follow prescribed speed limit.
  • If need be, stop your vehicle on the left shoulder of the highway with parking lights on.
  • In case of an emergency, callhelpline number 1800-102-7777. You can also ask for help from the patrolling team.
  • Drive in the middle lane leaving right lane free for overtaking by other vehicles.
  • Do not drink before or during driving.
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving as you shall be driving at a high speed.




The road can definitely reduce the travel time, but these simple rules must be followed for your own safety as time is not more precious than your life. Do not rush. Drive Safe & Be Safe.

I hope the above will be of help and wish you a safe journey! Feel free to ask for any further information.

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