Hello everyone!

Though I am not new to blogging, but till now I have written only for the Companies/Organizations I am associated with. The idea of starting this blog came when I had a tough day while trying to get my Learner’s Driving Licence. No, not that I am just learning, I got my first driving licence almost 8 years back, but at that time, the syhstems were not automated and it was all a manual process. So, after automation, it was easy for the concerned department to just let go of all the data instead of getting it in the system. Yes, it made life difficult for thousands of people like me, but yeah the concerned people washed off their hands by simply putting an advertisement or two in the newspaper, which I am sure many would have missed just like me.

So, coming back to the track, the whole process of getting this learner driving licence made me think that the process in itself is not that difficult, but it is actually lack of proper information that has made it difficult so much that by the end of the whole process, one is so exhausted as it we just fought a battle.

On reaching back home after this battle, lying on my bed, I thought that if someone would have put things in simple words and explained the whole process so any person can understand, would have made things much easier for me. I also realised that even being living in Delhi for such a long time, when I can get hassled, what would have been happening to people who are coming here for the first time or may be 2nd or even 3rd time? Even the simple task of how to reach a particular place in Delhi from their hotel/guest house, would be giving shivers down the spine, more so to single lady travellers as you would not know if the person you asked guidance is taking you to the right direction or you may end up getting stuck in a difficult situation.

To make things easier for all the people travelling to India, let me try to make things a little simpler and also make India Uncomplicated for them. Hope my little effort would go a long way in helping people looking for the right information.

I would love feedback, reviews and suggestions from all of you as I am sure this would help us make this place a better place for everyone.


Let your smile be as bright as these flowers!

Let’s start on our journey to India Uncomplicated !

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