Travel Guide for Delhi to Varanasi

The distance between Delhi to Varanasi is 676 Km and there are many travel options from New Delhi to Varanasi.

By air


Varanasi is an all season favorite destination for domestic and international tourists. International; tourists can board a flight from Delhi airport which is linked to all the important cities across the world. Delhi and Mumbai are connected with Varanasi airport. Many Indian airlines like Jet Airways, IndiGo, Vistara, Spicejet fly regularly from New Delhi to Varanasi which is the fastest way as it takes around 1.5 hour to reach Varanasi from Delhi. One side fare by air to Varanasi is approx. INR 3500 rupees.

Note: Booking should be done online and as early as possible to get best rates.

By train


The railway station of Varanasi is linked to major cities of the nation such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Lucknow and others. There are several direct trains from New Delhi to Varanasi such as Swatantrta S Ex, Poorva Express, Shramjevi N Exp, Delhi Farakka Exp. etc. .The time duration to reach Varanasi from a train is approx. 10 hours. Cost of one way travel of Delhi-Varanasi by 3rd AC Sleeper ticket is approx. INR 1500.

Note: Make sure to update your email and mobile number while booking the tickets so that you can receive timely intimation in case of any change like cancellation, delayed departure etc.

By bus

Varanasi has a wide bus network linking it important cities of Uttar Pradesh and other neighbouring states. It takes around fourteen to fifteen hours depending upon the traffic to travel by bus from New Delhi to Varanasi. One can book Air conditioned and/or regular State transport buses depending upon their budget. The one way fare to travel by bus from New Delhi to Varanasi is 1250 rupees. Do remember that such a long journey could be tiring and uncomfortable, specially if you are travelling with children.

Note: Bus routes should be checked prior to booking as some routes are diverted during festivals.

By Self Driven Cargoogle-map

Varanasi is connected with the major cities of Uttar Pradesh by road. The total journey would take you approx. 15-16 hours depending upon the traffic, road conditions and how many breaks you take on way. You can travel to Varanasi by car stopping/halting at important places like Hathras, Agra, Bhind, Allahabad and/or wherever you want to relax. After all, this is the best part of taking a self drive trip !


Varanasi is a holy place and always attracts tourists across the world. But, some points need to kept in mind while travelling to this place:

  • Ignore women and small children begging on the road.
  • Ignore fake sadhus, dressed in colorful robes as they only seek for money out of you.
  • Say No firmly if touts follow you without getting into any argument.
  • Firmly say No to people – agents/priests you may find around the main temple offering to take you inside the temple for a fee as small as INR 20. You may find yourself being handed over from priest to priest in different small small temples in the vicinity, donating money at each of these places.
  • Do not accept any offerings from strangers.
  • Do not fall prey to every person sitting by the Ghats, calling himself a priest lest you may end up coughing a lot of money.
  • Don’t venture out at night near the Ghats.
  • Be cautious about the dark and narrow alleys, as one might get confused in the path. Carry a torch along.
  • Do not wear expensive shoes at temples as they are to be kept outside the temple or with private shops around the temple and may get a surprise of ‘No shoes’ when you return.

Do not miss to witness Sunrise and Sunset by the Ghats.

Have a safe trip!

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