Why do Indian women wear Bindi

I have seen many foreigners wondering as to why do Indian women put a Bindi (dot as they call it) on their forehead? Bindi is traditionally worn on the forehead (commonly by Hindu women), right between the eyebrows. It was considered mandatory for all Hindu married women, but with the changing times and traditions, women in urban cities like to put Bindi as per their desire and liking or most of the times just give it a skip; not to forget that this generally doesn’t go well with a western outfit. In rural areas Bindi is still considered to be a ‘must’ for all married women. Bindi, though is worn even by girls and unmarried women as an accessory being part of a dress. Recently some international celebrities have also been in news for wearing a Bindi. red-dots-design

Bindi has been constantly changing its Nature with times. Traditionally only Kumkum, Chandan or ash was used for applying a Bindi. Kumkum was prepared by adding lime to the turmeric. Due to its natural ingredients, the mixture is considered to be helpful in headaches while the colour red helps retain positive energy of the body. Chandan has always been known for its cooling properties and its benefits on the skin. Ash has all the aforementioned benefits along with the positive influence of the material that is burnt to result in ash.


With the changing times, slowly liquid bindi with different colours and shades came into market. During my childhood, I saw my mother applying bindi with a lipstick as well. Now the Bindis can be found of varied shapes, sizes, colours and designs. For the ease of application, the Bindis come with no-fuss self-sticking adhesives so one can simply peel it off from the sticker and apply. Simple as that!

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